Razi Health and Medical Services Cooperative, as a family-owned company whose major shareholders are AbediaKia's family, is established in 2006.


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Razi Health and Medical Services Cooperative is founder of Razi Clinic (established in April 2007). Scope of Business of Razi Health Development Cooperative Company includes:

  • Production and distribution, import and export of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and healthcare supplies.
  • Providing logistics services to medical centers
  • The equipping of healthcare facilities
  • Establishing hospitals and medical clinic, paraclinical institutions, ambulance companies, and providing home care nursing services.
  • Providing healthcare and diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive services
  • Analyzing environmental effects and purifying pollutants
  • Biomedical waste management
  • The environment engineering.
  • HSE Advisory

Among the scopes of the parent company business is distribution, import and export medical devices and healthcare supplies. Razi Health Development Cooperative Company established a Canadian medical device wholesaler subsidiary based on its many years of experience in the health sector and in an effort to expand the business.  The major shareholder of the parent company and Managing Director of the two clinics, Farhad Abedikia is the transferee of the Canadian subsidiary.  

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